Monday, May 4, 2015

"Footprints in the Sand"

From the mouth of Nitaya Walker, "Coming to Trinidad and Tobago has been one of the best decisions of my college career. Not only is the country beautiful but being emerged completely in the culture is amazing."

Traveling can create an array of emotions. While we look forward to some things and dread others, no matter where we travel we are constantly learning or growing from our experiences. Beyond traveling being able to travel and complete service while traveling. I am formed a unique place in my heart for the international service learning program (ISLP) it allows two of my personal passions to come together. This current trip to Trinidad and Tobago has been amazing and will get better. 

This weekend we spent time in Tobago and while laying out on the beach it came to me, "footprints in the sand." Understanding my love for service and how service learning has a unique way of touching and leaving a lifelong mark on your personal life. I am reminded on the footprints I made in the sand walking the beach, the further you get from the water the longer the footprints last. Also although at some point the footprints are replaced by other ones there will always be footprints. So this trip I have been thinking about he footprints or impacts I am making are they positive or negative? Are they meaningful? Am I making the most of this experience? or are they just ordinary prints with no significance? (Take a moment to seriously think are you giving your all in everything that you do?)

Reminding you that the waves come and wash the footprints away, although the impressions are still there for a lifetime just like the memories you are making. So take the risk and go out to make the footprints and be sure to enjoy memories you gain from the experiences. I, Nannie Croney. will continue to travel the world and serve internationally in communities, will you join me on my next adventure and create your own footprints in the sand?

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