Monday, May 7, 2018


Our final day of service was a really satisfying crescendo to all the work our ISLP students put into their planning. We had some great teaching and made some great connections, this week, and we’re grateful.

We capped it all off with the experience of watching Botswana’s favorite (and best) soccer team compete in an international tournament against a club from Kampala, Uganda. And the good guys won!

Last day in Trinidad and Tobago brings about reflection from all our shared experiences. We had a phenomenal closing dinner last night at a local favorite restaurant called Veni Mange where we shared stories, connected with partners in the local community, and reflected on the experiences in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As we all begin our travels back to the United States (and the KY Derby!) a few visuals this morning on the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament building and the ferry that runs in between the islands outside the hotel reminds us of what each student seems to have observed while here: Trinidadian people have a strong sense of spirit and a culture of inclusion. From the college students and administrators at both The University of the West Indies and the University of Trinidad and Tobago, to the children of the Hope Centre and The St. Joseph’s Police Youth Club, and all the island’s residents in between, we have learned a great deal to reflect on and integrate into our lives going forward. We explored and experienced themes of: inclusion, social justice, globalization, sustainability, community partnerships, service learning, global higher education experience, race relations, and cultural understanding and appreciation. There was and is much more to reflect on from this trip, but for now we begin our journey back to Louisville and bid a fond farewell to Trinidad and Tobago.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Purple has been a prevalent color the college students have worn in Trinidad and Tobago throughout our time volunteering. As one staff member at The University of the West Indies states, “purple symbolizes volunteerism and we embrace this throughout the island.”
We spent the day with students at The University of the West Indies helping all the children that utilize the St. Joseph Police Youth Club. We cleaned the center, cleared brush, planted flowers, and landscaped around the building to spruce up the outside of the center to provide a more bright and welcoming facility for students. 

Our day also included a Collaborative group question and answer session and discussion between UofL and The University of West Indies helping the children of the St. Joseph Police Youth Club learn about going to college and following their dreams.
We also were surprised and blessed by the children of St. Joseph with a phenomenal musical performance and delicious handmade dish called palouri that is indigenous to the East Indian culture with Trinidad.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Day 2 at our service sites somehow managed to exceed Day 1 in terms of sheer activity. Our ISLP students continue to be complete naturals in the classroom. The students from Maoka got some great lessons today about electromagnetism, electrolytic battery cells, and chair yoga. A big rainstorm blew in right in the middle of the afternoon, which was something to behold in a land this dry.

After all that we headed straight from school to Botho University where we were hosted by their student activities board with some volleyball, traditional board games, and a really nice meal. As per usual, the hospitality was humbling. Can’t wait to see what Friday brings!

Dynamic day engaging deeply with the University of Trinidad and Tobago! Spent the morning with Administrators at University of Trinidad and Tobago facilitating great dialogue, collaboration, and strategic discussions on improving student success and services for Student Affairs in higher education. 

In the afternoon our UofL students partnered with students from multiple campuses of University of Trinidad and Tobago performing community service at the Hope Centre in Trinidad which serves abused and abandoned children. Fantastic service project painting and cleaning the playground as well as engaging with the children of Hope Centre.