Friday, March 10, 2017

Belize 2017

Student Reflection

UofL students and faculty have been preparing for months, extending their schedules and communicating with members of other majors and their own. With orange suitcases in tow, the team is ready to leave for Belize! 

I think many students have feelings of both excitement and anxiousness. Will our lesson plan go alright? How receptive will the students be? 

But for most, curiosity of another culture drives away all those worries. Many students have been out of the country before, but this trip will offer a more immersive experience. Natalia Dickerson, a nursing student a part of the program said, “This is now my time to step into someone else’s shoes being able to experience the environment and what they are doing every day.” 

Week after week, we’ve come together on Tuesday evenings to share our lesson plans and fun facts about ourselves. It’s unanimous that when in a room together, it gives a “good vibe,” as a few professors have put it. 

Exploring Mayan ruins, coastal reefs, and watching Garifuna dancers will all be new to us, still shots to hold in our lives. But I think the most anticipated memories are the ones we will make among ourselves and the people in the international community. 

Maggie Little - Belize 2017 

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