Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Job

Today I did art therapy all day. Sigh. The morning we were at the schools doing bullying workshops and I had a group of five kids. They all experienced bullying and came up with great ways to prevent it. Whether or not they do is up to them. We did an art intervention called 'A World Without Bullying' which they were really excited to work on. My group decided that a world without bullying meant that people loved each other and bullying was not allowed. They drew flowers and an earth. They were reallyl excited about it.

At the dental clinic, I went up to the children while they were in their chairs. They were really scared and when I went up to them with crayons, they smiled and I melted. I practiced breathing techniques and coping skills such as squeezing my hand and wiggling their toes with the dentists worked. This seemed to calm them down considerably. I believe I have found my dream job.

Kim Sandage

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