Monday, March 15, 2010

The Green Stool Incident

The Green Stool Incident

This is my first year on the Belize trip and I was so excited to see patients today. It was truly an eye opening experience and I learned a lot. The most memorable moment of the day came from my VERY FIRST patient in the Dental Clinic. I was prepared to administer an injection before beginning to take his tooth out--syringe in hand, ready to go. I go to sit down in this little plastic, green stool and it slips right out from under me and I topple to the ground right in front of my patient and the entire dental clinic. Amazingly, the syringe had not touched the floor, but my patient could not stop laughing at me for the remainder of his procedure. I couldn't help but laugh at myself because it was a dental clinic first--the patient made the dental student fall. For the record, I stood for the rest of the day. So, I learned many things but the one things I will not forget is that I should not try to sit in the little green stool.

Autumn Edwards
Dental Team-Belize 2010
ULSD 2012

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