Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday March 14

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing, but we've been having a great time here in Belize. On our first full day, we got to see some amazing Mayan ruins, and see some of the local culture up close and personal with a music and dance performance. Needless to say, it had us running all around the country to experience everything it had to offer. Today we got to make a choice about what we could do with the first part of the day. I joined a group of students that got to explored the jungle, climb a peak that overlooks the country and play in a waterfall. I don't think I have to tell you how amazing this experience was. I'll try to upload some pictures soon. After our adventure in the jungle, we got to prep for our days of work ahead by visiting Red Bank. Once there we set the clinic, spoke to the people, and took pictures of families. I got to spend some time playing and joking with the kids and it didn't take any effort from them to melt my heart. The people here truly are amazing and I look forward to being given the opportunity to work with them over the course the next few days. I wish I could write more, but everyone wants to get a word in sometime tonight, so I'm going to have to sign off. I hope everything back in Louisville is going well. We miss you all!
~Paul Morgan

Buenos Noches,
That means good night.... Today was the end of our relaxation. The real work began at 6:00 pm Sunday. We went to the village and introduced ourselves and what we would be doing the next three days in Red Bank village. The people were very gracious and proceded to sing us their national anthem along with some cultural dancing. It was a perfect start to the week. We also set up the dental clinic so it would be ready bright and early in the morning. These people will be there when the sun comes up. Lastly we took family photos of the family's in Red Bank. They were so excited to have pictures of themselves. As I walked toward my van to leave the village and little boy said, "Buenos Noches". I responded by saying, "good night but I'll see you bright and early tomorrow!" It is difficult to walk away from the little kids but knowing I'll be back tomorrow gives me the courage to leave for the night.
Sending my love back to the states,
Erin E. Roberts

Good Night! (As they say in Belize)
This weekend has been beyond amazing. From climbing the ruins to scuba diving in the carbbean ocean, every moment is more exciting than the next. This is my second year going to Belize with the university and it is like a whole new experience. We've already experienced new adventures and I am sure there is more to come. Today I went to scuba diving caribbean ocean and to say it was incredible would be an understatement. I have never swam in water so clear or seen been so close some of the most exotic fish. After we all returned from our different adventures the whole group drove out to Red Bank for a community welcome, somthing new we did this year. I forgot how much I loved and miss the children until I saw them. It amazes me that they can remember who I am and my name even after a full year has passed. After they greeted us with songs and dances we organized a family picture session in the schools for all the families in Red Bank. It was really neat to see all the families come together to get what may be the only family picture they will ever have taken. Being in Red Bank is truly an experience that has influenced me in such a huge way. I am a better person because of the people I have met in Belize. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow and spend the next three days with the most amazing people. Not many people can say they have experienced a once in a lifetime trip twice; I am lucky to say I have. Oh, and hi Mom and Dad!!

Lauren Hendricks, Communication Team

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