Monday, March 15, 2010

First Day

Today I went to Georgetown in the morning to talk to the villagers and find out about life in Georgetown. My walking buddy and I found that people were very interested in talking to us. One lady spoke Spanish, Garufina, Creole, and English; but had not been to school. Her children, grandchildren, and great granchildren all went or are going to schohol. We eventually ended up finding the Justice of Peace and went to talk to him about the history of Georgetown. Georgetown was founded in 1963 because of Hurricane Hardy in 1961 forced a lot of people to move. They began living in Geaorgetown and finally got their first school just 10 years ago. Now education is a very important part of their lives.

The afternoon I found myself in the dental clinic. I was really excited about this because I got to do art therapy with the patients before they went into the dental chair. The first woman was nervous about watching other peole getting their teeth pulled, but seemed to relax a little when I talked to her and drew with her. I found that children were more interested in drawing, but the adults wanted to draw birds, trees, flowers, turtles, and bananas. There was one little girl who was probably 4 years old who needed four of her baby teeth pulled. I found that she didn't know what to do with a crayon. I put one in her hand and then started drawing myself. She watched me at first then began drawing very small. Within five minutes, she was drawing in big circles and started smiling at me. She drew so many drawings that I taped the pieces together and gave her a coloring book. After the dental clinic, I went to play soccer and chase with the kids in the field.

It was a glorious day today.

Kim Sandage

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