Sunday, March 9, 2014

Best Spring Break Yet!!

Hey this is Roxanne Smith and I am with the Communications department at the University of Louisville. When I found out I was chosen to travel to Belize this semester with my school I was very thrilled! Traveling was easy and our experience thus far has been outstanding. After plane rides and drives we first arrived in San Ignacio where we were amazed by a beautiful view! Our hotel was much more than what we expected! We got to stay in really cool cabanas and the view was outstanding over looking the city. The meals they served were a lot better than I had expected as well! We ate everything from beef, beans, eggs, to pasta! Going into Xunantunich was interesting as well. I was not expecting the Mayan Ruins to be so pretty! Even being afraid of heights I still climbed to the top afraid of missing out on the experience. Climbing down was interesting and I had to scoot on my bottom in order to get down. It was a wonderful day filled with learning, beautiful sights, and shopping! I even picked up a tshirt, bag, and bracelet. Another long car ride to Dangriga though but I found myself taking a quite needed nap. Once we arrived we were again blessed with an amazing view of the ocean and sounds of the festival next door. Our accommodations have been much more pleasing than expected and I believe our entire group is having a wonderful time!  More to come!

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