Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Enjoy the Moment

Hey y'all! This is Casey Cornett with the Justice Administration program. I am an anthropology major with a JA minor. I want to go into forensics! Well, that is the plan for now anyway. So far this trip has been AMAZING. I have met so many wonderful people. On the first day of our school/dental clinic adventures I got to wander around Maya Mopan and I met a man who told me a story that hit really close to home. His son was shot in the heart and his wife had her foot amputated. He was stuck at home caring for her. I went through a similar experience with losing a three immediate family members violently and unexpectedly. Still, I could not imagine going through what he has been through yet keep such a great outlook on life. Although his life sounds really rough, I am jealous. He is satisfied at home sitting with his wife. When we walked in his home to tell him about the dental clinic, he was laying in his hammock just relaxing. His wife was in the other room within shouting distance of him, laying in her hammock. They have had a hard life with losing their son and having to undergo the stress of the wife's surgical recovery in a rural setting. The husband was running a store out of his home, yet never tried pushing a purchase on any of us. He wanted to hear what we had to say and he wanted to tell his story. It was truly magical! Day two went a little differently. I had a long, rough day at the Georgetown Middle School. I taught an anti-bullying workshop, a positive thinking workshop and then a first-aid workshop. It was such a long day. Directly after the workshops I thought I was finally done. My instructors thought differently. They took us to the dental clinic and I met some wonderful children. I played, played and played with them. I listened to their stories and swung them around in my arms like a helicopter. I am so sore tonight but it was so rewarding. Those kids thought I was just as awesome as I thought of them. At one point they tackled me to the ground! It was wonderful until I remembered that I tend to break out in a rash when I roll in the grass! Once I told them that I needed to get up one of them stood behind me and two more grabbed my arms and helped pull me up! It showed me that although we were strangers we could still love each other and enjoy the moment. I must say that this trip is a once in a lifetime experience and I am taking so many positive memories back to the USA with me!

Have a great day!
Casey Cornett

P.S. A huge shout out to my momma, family and boyfriend. I love you! #TeamTaylor

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