Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kayaking in Tobago

While in Tobago at the Grafton Beach Resort Hotel I had the opportunity to go kayaking off the shores of the Caribbean ocean. I had never been kayaking before, but have always wanted to try it. Although Drew and Sara had kayaked before, they were more than willing to accompany me on this adventure. The weather was beautiful and the water was so clear and blue it looked as though it belonged on a postcard. 

We started out by following the shoreline until we reached a rock point. When we rounded the bend we could see the island curve around and the mountains rising up in the distance. We decided to cut across the ocean to the other side of the beach, but kayaking requires more work than I expected. The wind created a great breeze on our faces, however, it made the ocean choppy which made it harder to paddle and keep up our momentum. In the end Sara and I decided to turn back and head towards the shore while Drew continued on to the other side of the beach. On the way back Sara and I saw flying fish jump out of the water in front of us. I had never seen flying fish up close before and it was amazing to be able to see their fins rapidly keeping them aloft. Right before we pulled up onto the beach we passed a boat that had been moored out in the ocean for Pelicans to rest and relax. I was nervous to pass by too close because I was afraid that they would attack us; they were so big! Thankfully they just ignored us and we passed by without incident. Overall it was an amazing experience and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience kayaking while in Tobago.

Sarah Exner 
College Student Personnel Master's Program, 1st Year
University of Louisville ISLP

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