Sunday, March 16, 2014

Experiencing the Culture

The 2014 ISLP Trinidad and Tobago trip was truly amazing! Leading up to our departure, we had several opportunities to reflect on the different events that took place each day. The moments when we were able to immerse ourselves into the culture stood out the most to me. On Tuesday, March 11th, Chandar Supersad, from the University of the West Indies (St.Augustine) took us on a tour and explained the history of the area. We visited the Temple in the Sea, saw the tallest statue of Hanuman outside of India, and even tried raw sugarcane. Everything was so colorful and beautiful!

Our next stop was to a restaurant called Fresh Foods, and Roti was on the menu. 

If you ask anyone what you should try if you visit Trinidad and Tobago, they will recommend this local item (including Doubles which we were able to try as well later on during our trip). It was delicious! It was awkward at first for us because we had to use our fingers to eat but we adapted quickly. This day was one of the many activities that exposed us to the country's culture. Overall, I had a wonderful time and created memories with everyone that will last a lifetime. Now that we are back in Louisville, I am very grateful for the experience and the people that accompanied us on the trip. A special thank you to Ms. Shirley, Ms. Pam, Alex, and Dr. Cuyjet! 

Kristia Worthy

College Student Personnel, Master's Student, 2nd Year
~University of Louisville International Service Learning Program 

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