Monday, December 13, 2010

Day One in Paril

The ride up was a little scary at times, but after moving a few rocks we made it up to Paril National High School. We were greeted with singing, dancing, and American flags waving in the air. It was truly an amazing experience and set the tone for the rest of the day. A few members from the dental team (and Kandi) joined in with the students for a final dance and then both teams went off to work in the clinic and the classroom. Our team consisted of Anna, Greg, Melvin, and myself for the day. We started off with Comm and the students definitely favored the "Beach Ball" game. We discovered many students had amazing voices from asking their hidden talents, question number four on the ball.  We breaked for lunch and the food was very interesting. My favorite new food was the Jack Fruit. We were entertained with a few dances varying from Justin Beiber "Baby" to local favorites. We ended the day with JA and Education and the kids were a lot more active in the second half. They really enjoyed role-playing and were extremely creative with their anti-bullying skits. All in all a great day and can't wait for tomorrow! - - Julie Gingles, JA

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