Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Star Status

Today I had the most pleasant experience at Binaliw. We got to the school and were greeted by plenty of dances and smiling faces. I must admit that I had some apprehension about stepping out of my element as a dental student and becoming a teacher, but I was up to the challenge. The children were very attentive and we had much in common. I love to sing and dance, as well as most of the students there. After going through the planned lessons, we shared with each other dances and songs. I taught the kids in my group how to do the Dougie, and they were so excited to learn something from the U.S. and in return teach me. Another interesting thing that kept recurring was the children's fascination with my hair. One of the students asked me was my hair "inborn" or a style. Another couple of girls came to sit by me and play in my hair. I felt so special for someone to want to be so close to me and generally were interested in learning about me. The people of Cebu are genuinely loving and caring people and I felt that to the max at the best school, BINALIW!!!

Tiffanie, 3rd year dental student

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