Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thus Far

As of lately this has been an amazing experience thus far! Julie, Amanda, and I went parasailing at the Hilton on the first few days and we were all able to see the mountains where we were teaching in. Getting to know the entire group, at the Hilton, was a blast. Just being able to hangout with everyone and enjoy each others companionship was amazing. As soon as we went to Fords Inn I was interested to see the change of scenery.
On my first day I was at the dental clinic. I was able to shadow one of the dentist for the first half of the morning and then I had to sterilize the tools in the afternoon. When I was sterilizing the tools it was interesting to see the dentists interacting with the patients. Usually you are on the other side of a dentist chair and not actually helping out with what they are doing, so that is an experience in itself I will never forget.
Today, I was teaching for the first day...it went great! The students welcomed us to Binaliu with a few dances and chants. We obliged them by getting on stage and embarrassing ourselves a bit and dancing with them. We later went in to teaching the programs. Luckily, we were able to finish the communication program early and just sit and talk with the students. Getting to know more about them, and hearing some of their personal stories were my most memorable moments of the entire day. I am so excited to see what the rest of this trip has in store for me and the amazing experiences in the Philippines I have to come.

-Alex J.-

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