Monday, December 13, 2010

I pulled a tooth!

The day started quite early today as Lauren and I woke thinking it was 6:30 am, but once we turned on the TV we soon noticed it was actually 5:30. While at first I had wished I was still sleeping, I was eventually happy to be awake to take the fun walk with Dr. Jackson. As we walked the streets of Cebu City we saw some walking to work I assume and children making the hike to school. My favorite part was seeing the gated communities, the houses and scenery was so beautiful and reminded me parts of the United States. For the days at the school today I was at Paril in the dental clinic. I had been warned of the bumpy ride up the mountain, but enjoyed seeing the city and scenery as we traveled further up. When we finally arrived at the sbychool we were so kindly greeted with a ceremony put on by the students and faculty. It was an amazing feeling to see so many people as welcoming as them. The rest of the day I assisted in the dental clinic and witnessed some amazingly brave children. They barely even complained of the shots and didn't whimper when their tooth was extracted. While the entire day was very rewarding, my favorite part was being able to pull a tooth! The entire planning of this trip I had been wanting to do something like that and was even more excited once it happened. I was scared I would do something wrong, but was very excited once I finally extracted it. Tomorrow we will be going to Binaliw and I can't wait. We have been planning a long time for this and I already know its going to be an amazing experience.
-Leigh Anne Hendricks -Communications

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