Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally in Cebu!

I am just now ending my first official day in Cebu and yet it feels much longer. Since I have never traveled with ISLP or gone abroad, I have been experiencing many firsts. The trip of about 30 hrs over here took a toll on me at first and I'm just now starting to get the hang of the time change. Luckily I finally did because there is so much I want to experience. Last night when we finally at the Hilton in Cebu, they so kindly greeted us with a buffet of delicious treats. Since my vegetarianism has hindered my eating habits some, I have found some amazing things to eat. While people have raved about the mangoes, I have to say the pineapple is the best! Beyond the food though, other events have been just as exciting. I snorkeled for the very first time today and took part in a Filipino show put on at the Hilton after dinner. This just means I basically learn how to "double dutch" the Filipino way, jumping over two long wooden polls, and very fun it was. The day has been very long and I'm ready for a lovely sleep before waking up to head to Ford's Inn tomorrow. Only on day 2 and I can already tell I will want to have many more traveling experiences just like this. Goodbye for now.

-Leigh Anne, Comm Team

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