Saturday, March 12, 2011

CARDS in Belize

We have now spent one full day in beautiful Belize. Having traveled to several other countries, I tried to think of what places am I reminded by in Belize; it is quite a unique place. The preservation of nature is truly spectacular and really amazes me.
Food is among things that I look forward to when I travel and I am happy that we've been able to try new things: cantaloupe juice, star fruit, and mutton (goat meat) just to name a few.

As some of the others have mentioned, today was filled with wonderful retreats including a quick hike to Xunantunish, the Mayan ruins, some shopping, and the Pelican Resort in Dangriga.
Follow this link for more information on the Mayan ruins:

Just like any other dedicated Cards fan, we watched both of the basketball games. We are so proud of the Cards and cannot wait for the NCAA tournament!

Sana Abhari (JA)
Student Body President

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