Sunday, March 13, 2011

Un Belize-able :)

This is our second day in Belize and it has been amazing. A few of us went to the rain forest today and were able to tube down the river. Our tour guide escorted us through the rain forest while explaining how the plants are used for natural remedies. The tour guide was telling us how his dad is 102 years old and his grandmother died when she was 114 years old. Our group was shocked because rarely will you ever see that in the states.

The most amazing experience came later in the night when we were able to go into Red Bank, which is a Mayan village. Interacting with the locals was such an humbling experience. I feel so fortunate to be able to have this experience and learn their way of life.

The locals have been so welcoming and eager to interact with the university. This has been such a rewarding opportunity and I am so excited to go into the schools and the dental clinic.

The faculty and the other members are all wonderful!! And the weather has been beautiful!!
Cameron Lewis (Nursing)

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