Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blog Two

     I can't believe I'm saying this; being the beach bum that I am, but yesterday-our day doing service at MEnvironmental-has been my favorite yet. I've performed service when required, or with populations I'm familiar with, but to go into an impoverished neighborhood and interact with the people truthfully was life changing. We were able to interact with toddlers, children, people in their 20s, adults and grandparents. The UofL students came together with students from The University of Trinidad and Tobago and members of the surrounding Sealots community who are employed by MEnvironmental. Through collaboration we were able to completely rejuvenate the MEnvironmental warehouse. Despite dirty conditions and hot weather, there was no complaining or whining, but an overwhelming amount of laughter and friendships being formed. As a group, we represented the UofL professional community, but also that intangible part of the Cardinal Culture that is built on relationship building, giving out of the goodness of one's heart, and a passion for leaving things better than how they were found. I'm proud to be a Cardinal, and thankful for the experience at MEnvironmental! 

Lindsay Peters
-University of Louisville International Service Learning Program

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