Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Day of Service in Trinidad and Tobago

Today, we visited what is the equivalent of our middle schools to teach the students about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling on the island of Trinidad. The students at Success-Laventille Secondary School were amazing. We had a fun time with the students by leading them in the CARDS cheer and explaining a little bit about Kentucky and UofL. When we asked them what they knew about our state, the common answer was "fried chicken!!" 

      While these students blew us away with their knowledge on the topic, we were told by the teachers that there was little encouragement and government support for the initiative. We are hoping that through the media and our work in sprucing up "It's Up To MEnvironmental" that the government will take more notice in the subject and encourage the people of Trinidad and Tobago to take care of their beautiful islands.

       As the title of my blog indicates, today was proclaimed the National Day of Service by the Minister of Education. Our group is so happy that this day was initiated by our efforts to help our friends in Trinidad. Today, we all wore purple t-shirts in the school to show our support.

      I think I can speak for the entire group of UofL faculty, staff, and students on this trip in saying that I am so excited to see the progress of Trinidad and Tobago and their ability to help turn their country around. While many may think that just staying a week in a country doing multiple things doesn't create any attachment, I know that Trinidad and Tobago will forever hold a place in my heart. I can't wait to see this country continue to grow and prosper and am proud to be part of UofL and the footprint it continues to leave in this country for years to come!

Heather Riley 
-University of Louisville International Service Learning Program

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