Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Georgetown- Cardinal cheer off!

The cardinal cheer has been known to excite crowds in Louisville all over. Little did we know, the cheer would create a bond between the Louisville Cardinals and the children of Belize. After spending our morning in Georgetown, we decided to teach the kids our beloved cheer. What we thought would be a nice way to end a fun communications lesson, turned into being a cheer-off between two classrooms in Georgetown. As soon as the kids mastered the cardinal cheer, there was nothing but loud chants of, "C-A-R-D-S, CARDS!" heard from village to village. The children showed such enthusiasm about being part of something that had to do with where we come from. Something as simple as a cheer brought about a bond that surely will not be forgotten on my end. My name is Emma Tierney, I am a freshman at the University of Louisville, and this ISLP trip has given me the opportunity to experience things that I never thought that I could. Given the opportunity to participate in Dentistry, Nursing, Justice Administration and Communications, there was a chance for everyone to participate in concentrations they otherwise may not have.

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