Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting Funky with a Monkey

We have been surrounded by tons of beautiful landscapes throughout the entire trip, but I did not anticipate being exposed to a wild SPIIIIDA monkey!!! Along our boat trip to Lamanai to visit the Mayan ruins we strolled across a wild spider monkey climbing in the dense trees using his long arms and tail to grip the branches. Our amazing tour guide Eddie cruised up to the shore in order for the wild spider monkey to climb down on a tree branch hanging in front of our boat. Dean Mardis graciously offered me a banana to feed the monkey. I was hesitant as to how to feed the monkey the banana, little did I know he was a banana eating fool and peeled it by himself. He was super cute and friendly. I will never forget this experience!!! It was unBELIZEable!!

Lauryn Faulkenberg
Senior Nursing Student

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