Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Justice Administration
As the day is approaching I'm finding myself very excited to be surrounded by the sunshine and warmth of Belize!
We will be teaching an anti-bullying workshop with the kids, an exciting topic in recent news and worthy of discussion.
The kids will learn about the different people involved with bullying, specifically the types of bystanders and ways to be a good defender. They will also create skits that demonstrate the different types of bullying. (physical, cyber, verbal etc) This has proved entertaining in the past and opened the window of communication between the students and teachers.
I'm preparing my body for an influx of rice and beans, as well as rat... yolo am I right?

We're all very excited about the adventures in Belize, in addition to teaching we get to explore the Mayan ruins, go cave tubing and possibly kick it with some inmates at the local jail...this is dream come true for some of us. (me)

I'm looking forward to being surrounded by a different culture, hopefully making a positive impact and creating memories that help foster a more realistic world view.

Until then, cross your fingers for our wellness and enthusiasm as we venture south of border!

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