Monday, March 11, 2013

Worlds Unseen

The wind was blowing through my hair and there was clear blue water all around me.  The sun beamed down on my untanned skin.   It felt like a dream.  A dream that was perfect. A dream that I had been waiting for days and weeks to come.   The boat moving majestically through the water as we were approaching the spot.  This was our spot to go snorkeling. 

As I gathered my fins, life jacket, and goggles this first time snorkeler took on the challenge.  I was ready yet unsure of what was to come.  I stepped to the edge of the boat and with a leap of faith jumped into the unknown waters. After adjusting my breathing to accompany the goggles and 'spout thingy' snorkeling became second nature.  I loved how I my body floated in the water insink with the waves and current.  As I looked down I could see the coralreef.

On first glance it appears to be a large mound of awkwardly shaped rocks in the middle of the ocean. These rock forms were really a foreign creature, the coralreef.  With a closer look you see there is a living community in live action.  It is the most beautiful ecosystem in the world.  There were striped fish, blue fish, yellow fish and fish that would amaze you with a second look. 

This are some things in life that can't mearly be experienced by reading a book or watching a movie.  The energy that moves through your body as you push yourself to new adventures is intoxicating.  I may never snorkel in 'the spot' again, but the memories with stay with me for a lifetime.

Christy Eubank, Communications

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