Monday, March 18, 2013

Final thoughts of the Belize '13

This was my second trip to Belize and it met every expectation from the last. If any friends or family members of the trip are reading this you should be very proud of them. Everyone on the trip was extremely supportive of each program we had to offer for the people of Belize. The chemistry of the group as a whole was something I am unable to describe. Everyone worked well together and that made for an amazing experience. We came from different studies and points of views but everyone came together for a common goal.

My favorite moments were at the Georgetown school. I was fortunate enough to have the same classroom for each of my sessions so I got to know the children on a more personal level. The kids were very eager to open up and listen to our lessons. We planned to play games and bring our message through funny sketches. Most of the kids just wanted attention. I was more than willing to do so when I saw their faces light up when I talked them. I will never forget the time I spent in the classroom with the students. At the end of the classroom session they shared a part of their culture and history with the group through a special dance performance. They made masks and played the drum to specific cultural dances we were fortunate enough to witness.

They brought us out in front of the school to dance with them. I have to say my skills do not lie in dancing, but I tried it anyway! We all felt touched and appreciated as we left Georgetown.
I am finishing this blog on the plane ride home. I am sad to leave but excited to gain some great friends on this trip. I would definitely recommend that anyone able to take this trip it was more than worth my time. The energy and time I put into this trip I received back tenfold. This experience opened my mind to the world and humbled my way of thinking. Even though the people of Red Bank and Georgetown do not have the opportunities we have in the states the live happy lives.

Stay Awesome!
Matt Stephens

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