Friday, March 8, 2013


           With a little over 24 hours until our departure, the reality of our exciting trip to Belize is finally starting to set in.  As a senior nursing student, I cannot wait for my first ISLP experience, as well as my first trip out of the country!  My daydreams as of late are filled with warm sunshine, wonderful times with new friends, and having the pleasure of serving the hospitable people of Belize. 

            The nursing program, comprised of 4 students and 1 faculty member, will be addressing vision education and screening.  We will be conducting vision screening in the community and supplying reading glasses to those in need.  In addition, we will be providing education in the schools—screening the students for distance, near, and color vision; and offering education about eye anatomy, infection prevention, and safety.  We hope that our days are not only informative but also fun.  We are excited to also supply the kiddos with sunglasses that our nursing faculty representative, Dr. Whitney Nash, graciously is supplying for the trip. 

            I have had the pleasure of getting to know my travel companions from the dental, communications, and justice administration disciplines over the last 5 weeks, and I look forward to creating long-lasting memories next week.  Check back throughout the week for updates about our adventures.  Try to contain your jealousy! :)

             In the meantime, pray for safe travels & memorable experiences for the group!

Gina Perronie
School of Nursing Student Council President
-University of Louisville International Service Learning Program

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