Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day of Service on Wednesday

     Today we were part of many firsts in Trinidad.  We served in a very poor area of the city known as Sealots.  No one in the country wants to come to Sealots and thinks of the citizens as very low class.  We were part of a group, including UTT (University of Trinidad & Tobago) students, today that began to break the stereotypes.  It's Up To MEnvironmental is a NGO (non-governmental organization) focused on recycling but their work is so much more.  They not only want to clean up Trinidad but to create jobs for community members helping them to develop job skills for future employment.  Our students also did a lot of networking and making of new friends.  A favorite day for many!


 Sarah is being interviewed by the local news station
Taylor is painting Reverse Parking on the NGO's parking lot wall
Heather, Naomi and Kheo are handing out snacks to the neighborhood kindergarten kids
Sarah, the carpenter, helping make a stool out of recycled pallets

 Heather, Kristin, Raqueal, and Nikki have great big smiles for this local kindergarten student visiting the NGO for the first time.

 Kristin handing out snacks to the kids. 

Dr. Jackson teaching the local celebrity, Jeremy, winner of Junior Soca championship and spokesperson for Its Up To MEnvironmental.

 Nikki below and Jen above helping paint the white wall.  Heather and Shirley painting the red door.  Dondra helping paint the parking area. 

Pam Curtis
Director of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service
-University of Louisville International Service Learning Program

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