Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today was another great day in the schools and dental clinic.  I started out in the classroom with 10-13 year olds. They were a little shy at first but quickly opened up.  We had the children draw pictures of their favorite memories from the past, what they love in the present, and how they see themselves in the future.  We then put their drawings into a binder for them to keep forever.  After we were finished with activities we then taught the kids how to do the CARDS cheer.  They LOVED it!  If I were to guess, I would say we did the cheer at least 15 times.
The second half of the day I was in a different classroom teaching children about bullying.  We went over things such as the different types of bullying and how to stop a bully.  We had the kids sign a pledge at the end of the lesson promising to never be a bully and to stop one in action.  I do not think our classroom would have gone as smoothly today if not for the help of one our justice administration students, Pete.  He was an awesome leader and really knew how to get the kids to open up.  Overall it was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better : )

-J. Hackney

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