Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nursing Vision Screening Red Bank

Hola loyal blog readers!  The nursing students hosted a vision screening program in the Mayan Red Bank school today.  I had the amazing pleasure of spending my entire day with the kiddos at the schools, teaching about eyes and testing vision.

We held our program in three different classrooms.  Each student was screened for distance vision, near vision, and color vision.  While the students weren't being screened, we had plenty of fun activities to keep them entertained.  We filled bowls with uncooked rice and safety pins and blindfolded the kids, asking them to find the safety pins using only their tactile sense; what a surprise it was to discover the difficulty of a simple task without vision! Our other fun activities included opitcal illusions, vision impairment goggles, pupil dilation activities with pen lights, and lots of coloring.

After the kids were all screened, we recorded their measurements and reported them to the school's principal.  The prinicpal will accordingly allow students with vision impairments to sit near the front of the classroom during lessons or will alert their parents if further evaluation and vision corrections are needed.

Our screening and teaching we provided were exciting, but the lessons we learned from the kiddos were unBelizeable!  Only a poverty-stricken village of joyful kids, running carefree and barefoot, can really make you appreciate the innocence of childhood and the true value of this experience.  The absolute highlight of my day was allowing myself to simply "play".  We will never be able to express enough gratitude to this community for the hospitality that was given to us while we served at the school.  No UofL ISLP student will walk away from this experience untouched.

Gina Perronie
Senior Nursing Student

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