Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JA Day 1 and 2

The students have been amazing, very intelligent and very energetic. We have found that in the afternoon it is a little more difficult to keep the kids engaged,because their energy level is higher, but we have worked through it and the kids have been having fun. The bullying workshop has been a hit in the fact that the kids are very responsive and are willing to talk about all aspects of bullying. We have had the opportunity to even get the kids to talk about why bullies are bullies and that maybe it comes from them just wanting to have friends. The best part of the whole program is being able to really connect with the kids. Today I worked with a girl Alina who quickly became a friend of mine. She drew a picture of her and her family with me at the beach to show me how much she enjoyed hanging out with us. It has been fortunate that many from the group have been able to make some of these same connections with the kids. We truly feel we have made a difference in these children's lives and they have made a difference in ours.

Adrian Butts
Justice Administration

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